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Hi everybody.

Just joined this community. I would like to start coding my own strategy on this framework, I'm coming from a deeply modified-by-me version of Zenbot, but before going in deep with this new framework, I need to know if with Gekko I can overpass limits which I have with Zenbot. I hope someone of you experts can spend a little bit of time for a rookie like me.

Here my questions:

1) Is it possible to open different positions? In the meaning of: can I set a buy order, let it to be executed, store all the details in an object and then, if needed, set again a new buy order, let it to be executed and [...], so opening different long positions, till some conditions trigger the "sell" order for a certain position?

Time= 1000
buy trigger -> buy order -> bought 1 BTC at 5000€ -> store details in positions[1]

Time= 2000
buy trigger -> buy order -> bought 1 BTC at 4900€ -> store details in positions[2]

Time= 3000
buy trigger -> buy order -> bought 1 BTC at 5100€ -> store details in positions[3]

Time= 4000
sell trigger -> sell order for positions[2] at 5200€/BTC -> delete positions[2]

(With Zenbot it was not possible, it buys and sells a percentage of the total capital, so I had to deeply modify the engine to succed this)

2) Is it possible to open simultaneous order, and follow them one by one?


Time= 1000
buy trigger -> buy order at fixed price 4900€/BTC (order[1]) -> waiting for order[1] to be settled...

Time= 2000
buy trigger -> buy order at fixed price 4800€/BTC (order[2]) -> waiting for order[2] to be settled...

Time= 3000
price is 4900€/BTC -> order[1] settled -> store details in positions[1]

Time= 4000
sell trigger -> sent order for positions[1] at fixed price 5200€/BTC (order[3]) -> waiting for order[3] to be settled...

Time= 5000
price is 4800€/BTC -> order[2] settled -> store details in positions[2]

...and so on.

(With Zenbot, this is not possible. I should deeply modify the code, but I prefer to switch to a different platform before taking up this real asspain)

That's all! Pretty easy to answer if you are acquainted with the code, but not for me if I have to read all the sources.

As said, it is not a matter of coding again my strategy, I will do this in a pretty fair time, but a matter of having an underlying framework which will support me and does not costrain me to modify everything in deep!

If something is not clear, please ask me and I will answer all of your questions. I really would like to leave Zenbot framework, cause till now it was a never-ending modifying job to tailor it to my needs.

Thanks to all!
Hi pdbc, Gekko:

- invests the total amount of you portfolio, not a percentage of it. Technically you can modify that, but it's not recommended (already tried to get some info about that... and yes, it's not convenient to modify the code in order to invest a partial amount of your portfolio, as you would mess other things in the code...not easy to manage it).
- generates a buy order until it's satisfied. When satisfied it places a sell order until it's satisfied. No parallel "buys" or parallel "sells" are allowed. Just one roundtrip at a time, with the total amount you own.

I gave you some general info about it works, let me know if you need something more.

Ok, thank you.

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