noob issues im having
Here are some things I don't know how to fix

1. CMD says something about a vulnerability and doesnt look like it install the decencies

2. Tried to run it anyways and the importer has no options for any exchanges. I tried to use gekko before and this was always an issue i had no idea how to resolve in the past.

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1. You can ignore.
2. You need to install Gekko Broker dependencies, see the installation guide.
Cool. It was so obvious after you wrote that. I got the importer working now.

My next noob issue is with back testing. From the imorted data i wanted to only backtest like 30 days. But then all the testing i try it says "not enough data to display".

Really i just want to automate many trades a day
What is the candleSize you configured?
Ive tried minutes and hours. It displays plenty of results when i use the complete 3 month dataset but when i use the adjusted range function, not much happens

edit- it should be safe to assume that i don't really know how to use the back testing or parameters hardly at all yet.
OK i played around with the backtesting more. It mite be working normal and as intended.

Tried to run a live trade bot and this error happened

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