ROC - Rate Of Change Strategy (Help!)
Hello! I would like to run a simple strategy based ROC.

I'm using the ui Gekko and already have the indicator installed (.../gekko-stable/gekko-stable/strategies/ROC.js)
But when I select ROC on the drop down menu, the parameters are empty.
For example: when I select RSI, the RSI default parameters are:

"interval = 14

low = 30
high = 70
persistence = 1"

Someone know what would be the necessary parameters for ROC?

Thank you!!

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Hi there!

As well as the ROC.js file you place in the strategies folder there should also be a corresponding .toml file that you place in config/strategies!

Wherever you found the ROC.js file... go back and look for another file called ROC.toml file as well!

If you want to know exactly what you are looking for -hop into your folder .../gekko-stable/gekko-stable/config/strategies you will find a series of .toml files. One will be RSI.toml. If you open that in an editor you will see the RSI parameters you mentioned above.

If you know your ROC parameters you can just create the file but I suspect not (and I don't either, sorry!) but I'm fairly sure you will find one where you found the .JS file!

Thank you for your reply!!
I've got the indicator from:
Unfortunately the developer did not provided de .toml file for ROC
As you said, I have no idea too about what would be the .toml file parameters for ROC.
Digging over the internet I've noticed that ROC indicator is not very popular amongst gekko users/developers. I think this would be a nice indicator for replicate the strategy that I've been executing manually, that is capturing tiny variations on stable coins.
Anyway, thanks for your support!
Actually.. I think the file you've found goes in the indicators folder within the strategies folder, and there wouldn't be a .toml file!

Instead you'd create a strategy that uses the ROC indicator, and that strategy would live in the strategies folder and have a corresponding .toml file!

I guess you'd use the indicator in the same way the DEMA/RSI/MACD/etc strategies use those indicators, so you are probably best looking at those files (DEMA/RSI/MACD/etc.js in the strategies folder) and working out how you can amend one of them to use your ROC indicator.

Hth! Smile
Yes, I think I'll find the answer with a mix of "guessing" and "follow the model" approach. Sounds that this is the path now.
Thanks for the tip!!
(Sorry to all for my confusing english x)

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