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Hi! Jeroen here,

I've got a question about the backtest api. 
I was trying to post to the backtest api, using Postman, but I got a lot of Internal Server Errors.

I want to try all methods automatically, with different settings, by using the backtest api. 

Is there already something like this, if not, I would like to request this as a feature!

Kind regards

[EDIT: I think this post thread belongs to the Technical Support, not feature requests.]
So the backtest API is pretty low level, it requires a gekko config. It doesn't really know of any "default config", the UI has a default config backed in (the UI). If you want to use Gekko over the commandline you'll need to put this config in a file instead (see here)

I guess you have seen the API docs? There is sample input you can post (assuming you have data for that market), see here:

I'll work on documenting more examples and such, easiest for now is to start the UI and use your browser's developer tools to inspect what the UI sends (via the network tab).

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