Candle Interval Candles Values Mis-match
I have gekko on two different computers to test a few things such as this. On both computers I have imported a few coin pairs. On one computer when I backtest (logging values on .update() while) and compare the low+high+close/3 of any candle, it appears to not match TradingView candles by usually a few tenths of a decimal. On the other computer it matches up exactly. The value differences happen on all calculations so it appears that the timeframe of the candles are mismatched or data within is. It is causing my paper trading to show different buy/sell times then what my other computers gekko/tradingView shows for buy/sell.
After running some additional backtests and importing data inbetween, I now am off on the candle closing numbers for the computer that was matching TradingView as well.

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