Problem Importing Data on Win10 Fresh Install

.png   Screenshot 2018-07-06 at 93614 PM.png (Size: 64.47 KB / Downloads: 15) I just installed Gekko on a Win 10 machine following the instructions from the YouTube video on the "Install Gekko on Windows" page (which differs considerably from the instructions on that page). Everything appeared to install properly and Gekko opened in my browser, but when I went to the Local Data tab and attempted to import data, the drop-down menus under Market don't appear until after reloading the page and then are blank and impossible to populate. The drop-downs under the Backtest tab work fine, but without local data are useless. I tried installing Git manually as I saw recommended in another forum post for Win7, but that changed nothing. Still the same problem. Thanks.
Hey! 2 days ago a new big version of Gekko was published, and it introduced two extra steps in installing Gekko. The video is currently outdated but I will add annotations asap. The extra steps are:

- install git (for example see this link and click on your OS at the top).
- install Gekko Broker dependencies by running the following:

cd exchange
npm install --only=production
Working now. Thanks!

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