Using multiple datasets
Hi all, 

I've downloaded two datasets for Binance, BTC:ALL and ETH:ALL. They both have the same name, but it seems that gekko only recognised the one named exactly "binance_0.1.db". 

Is there something specific I need to do to allow the use of both datasets at the same time?

Found the answer here:

i had also two Binance db´s from two computers but wanted to merge into one db. (for the backtest Machine...)
so i made tutorial on merging db´s with a very nice freeware tool:

see my Tutorial:
TUT merge db´s

my raspberry cant load the full binance db, so i can create 5 files out of one ( ALL:Usdt, ALL:BTC, ALL:BNB...etc.)
but only one with the name "binance_0.1.db" is in the history folder (just rename the other like "A_binance_0.1.db", "B_binance_0.1.db"...)
pretty usefull !

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