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Hello there,

I'm quite new to gekko but i've managed to install it with no problems, testing strategies etc.

There's one thing i don't understand with the whole nodejs thing is how you keep that running forever ?
Does Gekko, besides the market data, stores everything in live so if it crashes, you have to recreate all live markets watchers, trading bots etc ?

To sum up, what is the best solution to have it running forever without having a ssh terminal locked on node gekko --ui Big Grin ?

Thanks !
Look into PM2 - there is a guide to it on this forum. It's a process manager for node. Easy to install/setup and will restart gekko if it crashes, and restart on server reboot if you set it to.

Running gekko UI, you won't be able to restore traders/watchers etc. You'll need to start them each as CLI instances of gekko.

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