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I'm not really someone who should be giving advice, because I consider myself a gekko noob, but I've successfully installed a couple of the genetic algorithm back testing tools and have found the results far more stable over different time periods than simply trying to guess at some parameters.  You do need to have at least a little bit of understanding of the indicators such as RSI, ADX, BB, etc so that you don't set your test parameters too wide.

This genetic algorithm tester seems to be the best for me because it tests against multiple time spans. 

Something else I've learned from the gekko community is that you need to look at much more than just profit when back testing, you need to look at the number of bad trades and also how much loss are in those trades.  It hurts to see real money gain 4 or 5% in a week and then lose 2, 3 or 4% of those gains in a single bad trade.

Also, I've done most of my testing against ETH and LTC .  

I have not had much luck getting profit out of BTC  with gekko yet.
(05-27-2018, 11:29 PM)bojim Wrote: I have not had much luck getting profit out of BTC  with gekko yet.

I think we're much in the same boat Smile Started backtesting a week ago. I've been compiling all my "hits" in a spreadsheet for further testing. Basically take anything that looks like it could be profitable from searching with gekkoga, and test on many different timeframes.

I've seen some pretty decent results with USDBTC, but only on 30min and 60min candles, anything lower than that and the movements are just too minor for these strats to work well. The RSI_BULL_BEAR_PINGPONG strat has been best so far, but still very early in my testing there.
Thanks for the chat and support guys. At this time I have determined that Gekko is not for me. It is a great proof of concept, but I am moving on.

thanks again

You're welcome. Hope you find something that works for you. Always glad to hear ppl that do research before trying to trade live with any trading bots.
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