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HI all,

I want to add "successful Sell" signal to an output for the IRC bot, but im struggleing...

I have tried adding checkOrder and to the output section but the bot doesn't understand the command. Can anyone help?

never tried this but.
i hope i understand your question!

Gekko supports a dozen of different output notifications

Im looking to add onto the IRC plugin not a fan of the others tbh
Haven't used IRC since mIRC back in the 90s...

I'm looking at ircbot.js. I don't see checkOrder function. I'm still relatively new at this, but that function is only available in each exchange's js file. So I don't think you can call checkOrder directly from the irc bot.
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Do you mean to get a message once a sell trade has completed? If so the trade event is probably what you're looking for - it gets called upon the completion of any trade.

Function on line 46 of the gforms plugin here:
Perfect thank you i will try and integrate this into the irc bot.

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