Step Gain Method BTC-USDT % Change Buy and Sell
Hi guys

I have a strategy and I need help.

Buying and selling with a percentage change.


When the price drops by 1%
Order purchase with 0.50% lower price
The order is open for 15 minutes
Cancel if not in 15 minutes
Enter sales order with 1% profit if it happens
Sales order will remain open until sold

If the market is negative, wait.
Continue if market is active

I am asking for help as the coding is not information.
I don't think Gekko can issue limit orders / cancel limit orders.
If it isn't crypto, it isn't worth mining, it isn't worth speculating.
As Crypto49er said, you can't cancel an order.
So you could create a strategy that would buy if current close is lower than 99% of previous close, and buy when price is up 1% again.

But :
1) It's obviously depending of your candlesize, but 1% is quite a big gap
2) beware of slippage : the price the bot buy / sell is usually quite different from the price you set when in live.
hi this sound interesting but have you a strategie to share or need help to write one?

The procentage calculation is very simple.
I made TUTORIALS about how to create your own Strat.
You could learn about:
-coding with indicators
-create your strat
-using Operators, Statements, Functions, Arrays...basicly everything needed to write your own code.

If you want somebody to write your idea into a useful code, then maybe you need to place a bounty because no one is working for free, as i found out
hehe lol cheers!

TUT #1

TUT #2

TUT #3

TUT #4

TUT #5

Backtest results

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