My personal helper-script
Hey all,

I made this for myself, because I found I had done these steps all manually so many times that it just made sense to automate them; I took an old script I had written that just copies in my preferred .vimrc and .bashrc and installs  syntax-highlighting stuff for vim, and I added a section that installs node, npm, gekko and gekkoga and all the stuff needed for them and pulls in some strategies and extra indicators and stuff from other people in the commnuity.

If you use debian, it may be helpful for you.

It is, however, I understand, not the right way to set it up, because once it is set up, it is not protected by password. I never could figure out how to set up nginx to make it password-protected. Maybe one of y'all can help with that. I'd love it if this script automated that too. I'd really love just to hear input, or maybe even get my first pull request! Smile
That looks good!
I will try this...thanks

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