Issue/Question about the web UI
Hey, I recently set up an instance of Gekko on a VPS. 

When i use 
node gekko --ui
to start the web interface, and when I close the web interface, nothing saves. 
In addition, when I use
node gekko --config config.js

It only opens a CLI. 
I have a config.js file with all the settings I need, but the UI won't load the config. The config is only loaded with the node gekko --config config.js  command, which only launches a CLI.
I've tried 
node gekko --config config.js  --ui
But that still doesn't load the config in the UI.
I am wondering if there's a way for the UI to either link to the CLI interface or for the UI to load my config.js.
Any help is appreciated.
Also, I'm wondering if there's a way to have the web UI save itself every 5 minutes or so, so when I shut the UI down, it's saved?
You should run in two instances:

Run: node gekko --ui
Then: node gekko --config config.js

There is no way to the UI load your config.
config.js file is only for CLI mode. configuration for UI is in config folder.

I have no idea why you should run the UI and CLI at the same time.
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This is all going to change but this is the way to look at the config files:

- When running Gekko over the commandline the config is your interface to tell gekko what you want (what market, what strategy, what parameters).
- When starting the Gekko UI: You can run multiple Gekkos, and you configure them inside the UI (what market, what strategy, what parameters), as such there is no reason to specify a config file when using the UI.

That said: It kind of grew out of proportions and I am revamping the config system in the next version.

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