Resume advice after crash
It often happens that Gekko has a crash when he gets advice sell / buy. Is there a way for Gekko to return to advice from the previous process after reboot? So if before the crash he had an advice to sell, he gets a new sell advice after restarting.
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I restarted 10 times a day      Big Grin
since it is the data that is downloaded
the strategy is ongoing
Gekko stopped working
I had xrp in my wallet
i bought btc
I started gekko cli
the trend is rising
I bought xrp manually
market rises xrp gekko sell  Big Grin

( trend is rising
Gekko could not buy it immediately

I made the purchase I made the sale gekko )
I'm looking forward for the same "fix". When gekko crashes / is restarted it returns to the long advice.

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