candle interval?
Hey all,

  Just curious which candle interval you use the most when testing your strats?
  I tend to use 1-minute candles when testing in paper trading.. and various for backtesting.

   Also, do you disable slippage when backtesting? or always leave it on?

Thank you
I always leave slippage on. It's better to try and replicate real life situations than not try at all.

As for candles, I use 1 minute candles but that's because I created my strategies specifically for 1 minute candles. I just read from others that 15 minute candles are useless because a lot of trades can happen in 15 minutes and you end up missing the price you want.

I haven't ran a bot live trading on 15 minute candles so I can't say for sure if that's true. My understanding is once Gekko sees a candle close price, whether 1 minute or 15 minutes, that meets the logic defined in the strategy, it will immediately provide the buy/sell advice. So it shouldn't miss the price by that much. But that's just my assumption and from backtesting, not live trading.
If it isn't crypto, it isn't worth mining, it isn't worth speculating.
i also went down to one minute strat. uff these spikes hehe lol
i use slippage for be honest with my self.
I guess its important to realize that:
a trader would never relay on only one indicator. (1min/5min/???min....)
so i went ahead and used multiple indicators where the faster is the one who executes a function.

when i look at BTC data there is changes of around 3% possible in 2-3minutes maybe.
so these 15 minutes strats would be good for forex or penny stocks but not BTC.
my own written trend indicator is much faster and act every minute for try to catch theese step ups/downs.
(stoploss/to.the.moon) and it cant even catch all events because of the trend goes tooooo fast
(stuck in the trade/SLIPPAGE).

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