Setup Gmail notification
Below solution is only for Gekko CLI.
1. Create new Gmail account from security reasons.
2. Enable access for less secured apps here:
3. Install module emailjs
cd gekko
npm install emailjs
4. Edit Your configuration file for Gekko CLI
config.mailer = {
  enabled: true,       // Send Emails if true, false to turn off
  sendMailOnStart: true,    // Send 'Gekko starting' message if true, not if false

  email: '',    // Your Gmail address
  muteSoft: false, // disable advice printout if it's soft

  password: 'mypassword',       // Your Gmail Password - if not supplied Gekko will prompt on startup.

  tag: '[GEKKO] ',      // Prefix all email subject lines with this

  server: '',   // The name of YOUR outbound (SMTP) mail server.
  smtpauth: true,     // Does SMTP server require authentication (true for Gmail)
          // The following 3 values default to the Email (above) if left blank
  user: '',       // Your Email server user name - usually your full Email address ''
  from: '',       // ''
  to: '',       // ','
  ssl: true,        // Use SSL (true for Gmail)
  port: '465',       // Set if you don't want to use the default port
5. Restart Gekko.
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if it gives an error

2018-04-16 22:59:16 (WARN): error sending email authorization.failed (bad response on command 'xxxxxxxxxxx: -5.7.14 <
  • Go to from a different device you have previously used to access your Google account and follow the instructions.
This works for me. But is there a way to enable this for UI?
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