How to import missed candles to exists dataset?
I havent candles in my db in middle of dataset period. I wrote script, which check every minute in sqlite db, and import missed candles.
perl -i -p kraken:XBT:DASH -f "2018-04-06 12:55:00" -t "2018-04-06 13:07:00"
Updating Gekko's kraken market data...
Done writing Kraken market data
Loging to logs/import-1523220350.log file
Import 1 pairs: kraken:XBT:DASH.
XBT:DASH is started at 22:45:51...
Processing 1 new trades. From 2018-04-06 13:01:55 UTC to 2018-04-06 13:01:55 UTC. (a few seconds)
Import of kraken XBT-DASH is done. Elapsed time: 2 seconds. 
0 from 1 pairs left.
All jobs are done. Elapsed time: 3 seconds
As You see Gekko telling that all is fine. But candles from "2018-04-06 12:55:00" to "2018-04-06 13:07:00" are still missed in sqlite file. I cant do backtest in this period because I have black hole in candles.

How to fix it?
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