[BOUNTY] strategy on 4ema
my first post here, i'm a newbie in gekko strategy.
What i need , also paying it's a people help me to develop my strategy,

First signal to buy :
Name: 4ema
We analyze 4 Ema, 

for example

Blue Ema : 8 (very short)
Green Ema : 13 (short)
Yellow EMA : 20 (medium)
Red EMA : 30 (long)

Of course the time of for ema must can  be set as parameters.

Buy signal : upward trend
Blue Ema > Green Ema > Yellow Ema > Red Ema

Sell signal :
When there is no more buy signal

You can see the indicator on tradingview is called 4ema.

This strategy must be implemented in future with other indicator like RSI.

And last question, gekko can be make short sell ? I intend short sell , selling borrowed crypto to buy back then.

I'm learning how to write strategies in Gekko. Once I figure that out, I will try to write this strategy.

I wrote a few indicators in TradingView. Although that's a lot easier as you can see your results right away.

I don't think Gekko can short.
If it isn't crypto, it isn't worth mining, it isn't worth speculating.

Can you provide an exact trading view link? Are you interested trading the strategy via the Gekko UI or CLI?

Also how much is the bounty amount you are willing to pay for?
Sure, I've got this exact strat in gekko. Hit me up Smile
(04-28-2018, 03:26 PM)thegamecat Wrote: Sure, I've got this exact strat in gekko. Hit me up Smile

Share it then!

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