Can we do something about the spam?

Does registration need to be tightened up? I'm seeing more new posts about buying meds than trading!
would be nice indeed...
the manager needs to be assigned to a few people (spam) for deletion
no one will enter the forum
Working on it! Adding more and more captcha's, anyone else has a suggestion?
To delete spam messages, you need to be authorized by the forum administration. secure 4 or 5 people
As i wrote previously this is simply solved by changing the captcha method used for new signups:
Replied there as well with an update, it's getting a bit out of hand.
(03-14-2018, 04:33 PM)ankasem Wrote: To delete spam messages, you need to be authorized by the forum administration. secure 4 or 5 people

We are using different forum software called mybb.
I have changed a few things in order to combat spam:

- I've enabled more captcha settings.
- I've updated the security questions.
- Dabbled around with some other anti spam measures.

On top of that: I've had a busy few weeks but will try to be a lot more hands on. The second anyone sees any spam you can always e-mail me directly to get the fastest response:
(03-27-2018, 02:57 PM)JohnnyTurbo Wrote: Hi there,

found another spammessage in General Discussion : 

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Yesterday, 08:28 AM

This anti-inflammatory content provides maximum protection against LDL or low cholesterol lipoprotein risk. This cholesterol is a bad type of cholesterol that causes primary Grapes nutrition blood pressure, a stroke or a more severe heart attack. The grape is also rich in potassium, which enhances the promotion of healthy heart disease. Foxes contain very small amounts of calories. For 100 grams you only have 69 calories without cholesterol.


Thanks in advance!

Btw great stuff Mike, been lurking for a while Wink

Ps: also reported him

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