Stop Limit on Exchanges Supporting it
We need stop limit capabilities, many exchanges implement this feature via API , I am a developer myself and can probably help ? However, need a basic understanding on where the code is to get involved...

I would like to see it implemented on the exchange side rather than telling on Gekko to place the stop limit at market price using strategies. Proper portfolio risk management requires this feature in order to limit potential loses making them instead calculated risks. If you enter the market at a position regardless of the uptrend or downtrend, you should be able to set "set in stone" from the moment you take the position how much are you willing to lose on that bet.

The hard thing here is how Gekko works, within Gekko there are 2 different concepts:

1. the strategy (when to buy/sell) <- this one people script themselves.
2. the execution logic (how to buy/sell, what kind of order to place at what price) <- this one is quite static.

The only communication between them is when the strategy signals an advice to take a certain position (either go LONG or SHORT). The hard thing about stop losses is that they kind of overlap between the two. And we need to think of how strategies can communicate stoploss parameters as port of a signal.

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