How does Gekko compare
Hey guys I'm new to Gekko. Looks good so far, and I'm a Javascript developer so looking forward to contributing...

How is it working for you? 

Is it as good at Gunbot and Haasbot? 

How much is it making for you?

Thanks for the hard work, I'm really excited!
Gekko is a bit different as in it's more of a framework / toolset, it's not meant as a tool users can turn on and generate money.

Specifically what do you mean with is it as good as Gunbot or Haasbot? These are very different tools aimed at very different demographics.

I for one have made a lot of money using Gekko over the last 4 and half years I have been using it.
I'm wondering if I should invest the time in learning Gekko, and if I do so will it be profitable. There are a long list of people who say they are making good money with Haasbot and Gunbot, so I want to know the same about Gekko...

I was wondering is someone had tried all of them and could share features that are similar, different. etc....

Feel free to encourage me Smile
Very good question, I am not the person to answer that as I am very biased and have little experience with these other tools. Let's see if someone else can weigh in Smile

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