Basic questions
Hi guys!

I have some questions!

I have tried using RSI.

I got a profit of 9% but I lost the settings. Is there a way to save the settings within Gekko?

Also, how does the bot know when to buy and sell?

interval = 14 What does this mean?

low = 30 and this?
high = 70 and this?
persistence = 1 and this?

for MACD
short = 10
long = 21
signal = 9

down = -0.025
up = 0.025
persistence = 1

What do all of those stats mean?

Is there somewhere I can read about them? I want to understand what each stat means. Right now I am just plugging in random numbers hoping to hit something. I do get trades though. Sometimes I get trades where it enters and leaves at the same price or it doesn't trade at all and shows a profit of zero. I should point out that I am not live trading but just back testing. I tried papertrading but I wasn't getting any trades.

Also, I found the settings for RSI... So that makes me happy.

Thanks in advance for any help the community gives!

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