Multiple Strategies Using Overlapping Indicators
Hello, I've got this strategy that in theory works out okay in my head, but I'm wondering if it can be applied in real world using 5 live traders.

      /     \
    /         \
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   ALT Coin

Here are the indicators I'm looking to use:

Each strategy  would probably have it's own custom strategy variables applied to it.

Here's an example, lets say I'm currently holding ALT, the idea being trade ETH/ALT, if it sells into ETH but after a day or so BTC is doing better than ETH and ALT still isn't doing great, the BTC/ETH will switch into BTC.
If ALT starts doing better again than BTC, (which was recently better and traded over from ETH) the BTC/ALT will buy back into ALT again.
Alternatively, if the market takes a turn for the downside while sitting in BTC for example, ideally ALT's losses would also be greater than BTC and the USDT/BTC strategy would switch into USDT.
Now if the market starts recovering, perhaps ETH is out performing BTC and then the USDT/ETH picks up the trade first.
Now if ALT is also recovering faster than ETH, my ETH/ALT trades back into ALT for me again.

Rinse and repeat.

My thought is if the assets are sitting in ALT, my USDT/BTC strategy won't care because both assets would be zero, and ALT would trade into either BTC to ETH, depending on which indicator is triggered first. But still being able to go between BTC/ETH if sitting on the ALT sidelines so to speak.

Any insight on how to best technically accomplish this? Is it okay to run all 5 at the same time within the UI?
I saw somewhere else in the forum this may be possible if running multiple strategies through the UI?
I may have read somewhere gekko doesn't work the greatest running more than one strategy at once? If that is correct, in theory if I had 5 different virtual machines each running one strategy would it be okay to do this? i.e. running live strategies while both assets for some of those strategies might be zero for some time.


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