Multiple live trade bots on same exchange
Hi Mike,

I want to use 2 live trade bots on the same Binance account to trade USDT-BTC and ETH-BNB with 2 different strategies I wrote.

The problem is I can only add 1 API per exchange (which is fine, since it's only one Binance account), but when the first trade bot is running, Gekko will not allow to start a second trade bot on the same exchange.

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Is there a way around this? Because an API will allow you to trade multiple pairs on the same exchange.

Right now it's quite a hassle, because I need a new rasberry pi for each trade bot I want to run for each new pair, since you can also only run 1 Gekko per system.

The other issue I have is that in papertrade you see red and green dots in the graph when de bot sells and buys, but in the live trade bot graph I don't see any buy and sell dots even though it has bought and sold (I checked it in my binance account).

Is this a know bug? And will it be updated in the new version?


Is it possible to use the docker files, or run different local hosts (default is localhost 3000; but will it also work with localhost 3001), or several terminal windows and then use command line?

Or will I then break the fabric of reality, and end life as we know it?
I've not tried this in the UI, but seems to work for me launching the trade bots from command line with config files...

Look into using pm2 to run multiple instances of gekko at the same time, there are a few tutorials on this forum already.
if the stock market (api) allows
Gekko would be perfect if he allowed two coins in the same stock exchange     Huh

It would be amazing Smile
From the command line I'm trading BTC:FUEL and ETH:ETC on the same binance account, all working fine....
could you explain in detail
1-gekko (ui) also work
2-Can I make 2 coin pairs with 1 API ?
thank you
I've not tried this through the UI. Unless it is enforced by gekko I don't see why you wouldn't be able to as long as the two pairs are for totally different coins. (i.e. BTC:FUEL, ETH:ETC should work, BTC:NEO, ETH:NEO, wouldn't work)

Through the command line, you start an instance of gekko for each trade bot, each with it's own config file. The API to use is set in the config file. I am using the same API key for two trade bots running together on different pairs.

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