Support and Resistance indicators
Howdy and greetings to everyone.

I've stumbled upon Gekko and I find this project very interesting and very well developed.
I've dug into the codebase to understand internals and it seems that everything is more and less clear to me and I really think that this architecture is great! Yes, probably something would be better - as askmike already wrote - but its flexibility seems awesome to me.

I tried to build a strategy that, in some ways resembles what I was doing manually for my day trading strategy and I did without particolar efforts. What I was searching for were two functionalities that I couldn't find:

1. support and resistance indicators on X candles, this means that I would need to know which are those levels since, for example, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day. I couldn't find anything about it: am I right?

2. capability to know, inside a strategy, the price @ which I bought an asset, in order to know my limit price and top-profit price. 

Very good questions marconline, I've also been trying to understand how to implement such functionalities in Gekko!
If you think that it makes any sense, I can try to implement them as indicators.

I really do think that Stop Loss should be kind of a plugin or something like that.
Well that would be great! But I would also be surprised if no one hasn't already done that..?

I think that using support/resistance levels and stoploss/take profit- values are quite basic things in any kind of a trading, so could anyone here share some snippets or examples which would show how to implement these on a Gekko strategy?

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