Custom buy(sell)/hold strategy
Hello, guys, can anybody help, is it aviable to realize below strategy on Gekko, here it is (example)

1) Timeframe: H1 (hour)
2) The working tool EMA 9 and EMA 21 are moving averages. (Moving Average, MA Exponential method, apply to close)
3) Entering a BUY transaction: crossing EMA 9 from top to bottom EMA 21
            Exit from the transaction (return signal) - reverse crossing (EMA 9 from below EMA 21)
4) Stop loss - that's the question. Because on the crypt the big volatility here 2
           a) trade without a stop - is unsafe.
           b) the exposure of the stop to the hand and when passing through the price for example 500 pips.
           (+ $ 500 - transfer to lossless)
5) Accordingly, the signal at SELL is the intersection of EMA 9 from bottom to top EMA 21. Exit from
           transaction (return signal) - the intersection of EMA 9 from top to bottom EMA 21.

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