When using Binance and starting liveGekko Stratrunner, gekko was never able to preLoad the Histrory.
I can load the data with the Importer in order to make Backtesting.

With my new Kraken account, Gekko would load the required Histrory data Perfectly well.
Maybe somthing is Wrong with binance.js or marketFetcher

When starting gekko:

no usable local Data available, trying to get as much from the exchange
Preventing Gekko from requesting .... History
Fetching Exchange Data since 240 minutes ago
Avilable Exchange data:
from: 240 minutes ago
to: 180 minutes ago
Unable to stich datasets.
Not seedng locally available data to the trading method

This Log was a gekko --ui
Tryed all versions of Gekko --> same result
Win7/raspi -->same result

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