Plot data points
Ability to plot data from a/the strategy.

Use something similar to TradingView's pinescript, pseudo code:

var strat = {

    init: function()
    { = 'Hello world';
        this.addTulipIndicator('maSlow', 'tema', { optInTimePeriod: this.settings.long });
        this.addTulipIndicator('maFast', 'sma', { optInTimePeriod: this.settings.short });
        this.addTulipIndicator('myRSI', 'rsi', { optInTimePeriod: this.settings.RSI });
            { data: 'maSlow', color: 'black', width: 2, overlay: true },
            { data: 'maFast', color: '#f00', width: 1, overlay: true },
            { data: 'myRSI', overlay: false }



- data
- color (named/hex)
- line width (in px)
- overlay (overlay the data or add it under the graph)
Hey! There were some ideas in the past. Though I don't think strategies need to define what they want to plot: we can simply plot all indicators results automatically since Gekko is aware about them already. See here for a start:

Note that that PR won't be finished soon, it makes a lot more sense to add this functionality to the completely new UI we will build Smile
Yes, i read that after posting this thread ofc. Smile

I agree that you shouldn't use HighCharts, especially since there are free alternatives such as the Google Visualization library etc.

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