[Request] Kraken 24 Hour Average Price for use in strategy
Kraken API offers the 24 hour average Price over the ticker, which I would like to use in a strategy
How Do I get to use this information in my strategy?
Like I want to buy something for the average price or a price depending on the average price.

Further information regarding the API provided by Kraken.com
Get ticker information
URL: https://api.kraken.com/0/public/Ticker

pair = comma delimited list of asset pairs to get info on
Result: array of pair names and their ticker info

<pair_name> = pair name
a = ask array(, , ),
b = bid array(, , ),
c = last trade closed array(, ),
v = volume array(, <last 24 hours>),
p = volume weighted average price array(, <last 24 hours>),
t = number of trades array(, <last 24 hours>),
l = low array(, <last 24 hours>),
h = high array(, <last 24 hours>),
o = today's opening price
Note: Today's prices start at 00:00:00 UTC

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