My own neural network
(10-07-2019, 09:12 AM)Dieguz Wrote: Hello,

for information : you can find different NN strategies here. 

[url=]link for NN strats comparison[/url]
one of the best commented code is neuralNetcode
Maily they use convnetjs as framework.

We don't know the code used by Lenny and the relative framework.


There do exist many gekko clones of neural networks like that, single neuron logic (some tanh treshold to act upon).
Those are not todays neural networks, the example has no hidden layers and only one input, compare that some average simple networks in python.
They are more close to a self regulating fuzzy logic (without making use of hiden layers, and such minimal input).
Where with tensorflow one easily creates 20 inputs, and maybe 4 hidden layers of 80 nodes to a final regression node.
Such networks find patternin input, they're deep learners, or LSTM's, or GRU's.
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