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(09-12-2019, 01:06 PM)PGTART Wrote:
(09-12-2019, 11:28 AM)Stixx Wrote: Thanks for replying mate, yes agreed I have a lot to learn about trading and gekko but so far I find it very interesting. I have been using 5min candles on btc/gbp but will play around some more with settings.


my experience is that gekko strategies often dont work well at that time range (most of the time).
Do you suggest longer times like 1 hour?

Might work not tested, although 1 hours are often working well, personally i'd like a strategy to evaluate more often 5 or 10 minutes.
Its all backtesting tuning and coding, but so far for 5 minutes i've not got something good yet, although my latest project seams quite OK.
I'm several versions ahead with it now ( VmaPredict currently version 5,  VmaPredict5 and 6 is in the making), i have not tested that algorythm with shorter periods
It might behave or miss behave, but surely i'm keen to know with settings will work with 5 minutes interval (pure theoretically, something must work for that too)..

I leave testing to you people so i can focus on coding and improving it (in return i'd like people to post their best results with it).
Testing all variable combinations takes to much time to me, i code generaltrading ideas (and my own ideas), without thinking of time frames in which they are used.

For example a short moving average might in some strategies be 7 days, or 7 hours , or 7 minutes... principles often stay the same, (though brake points, and tresholds and profits differ).
if one creates a rule (weird rule) buy if moving average is below RSI 20.. thats why tuning and exploring needs to be done, and why i dont have answers to optimal settings.

BTW i have quit improving RSI_BULL_BEAR_ADX_PINGPONG _PEEKTREND, it will stay like that (it was a small extension to something that allready exists).
In contrast VmaPredict is new (not based upon code of someone else), and that whole code base is much more easy to extend and improve upon.
In fact its now near 300 lines of code, so its evolving bigger and becomming better.
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