(09-12-2019, 07:20 AM)Stixx Wrote: Thanks for this strat mate testing it at the moment, doesn't seem to buy a lot though? I'm still new to gekko and trading in general how often should it make trades?

That differs a lot on what you trade your market and how long you trade and what settings you use.
The strategy was allready known for trading nice in bear markets.
It was one of my first strategies that i extended with a certain kind of stoploss.
Originally people believed that stoploss didnt work well with this strategy
But i noticed it can work as well... you got to tweak it to make profit for your situation.
Knowing that it can make profit, i think you should just play with it to see it.
And maybe you learn a bit of coding and trading while your playing with it.
You will have to learn to code when you dive into Gekko.

(note that 1 hour trading does not mean each hour there is trading, it means each hour price levels are compared against previous hour).

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