Ability to monitor top 24h coins and auto choose one to start trading
Quote:Is this the best way to accomplish it for a motivated noobie?.. or should I skip the node-binance-api library all together and just write a script that taps directly into the binance websocket?

You definitely don't need websocket, I would recommend using the normal (REST) api as it probably be easier to implement.

Quote:In my head it seems I would only need to write one script that is always searching for a coin that matches my prerequisites, when it finds one, it will fire up a CLI gekko strategy.

Yea that's basically what needs to happen.

Quote:It seems like Node.js makes it pretty easy for libraries to talk to each other, although correct me if it would be too difficult to accomplish with gekko.

Gekko is quite a big software project, usually when programming it's the easiest to only work with APIs of other software: that allows you to control things and get information without having to understand the complete software. So Gekko has a REST api similar to binance that let's you start and stop Gekkos. This means that you can easily write your script in python/c#/javascript/whatever since the communication between your script and Gekko happens via a REST api (and websocket if you want to).

Quote:I've been researching for most of today based around your reply in hopes that I don't waste much of your time. I know a bit of JS, but am new to Node.js and enjoy learning.

This won't be easy as you actually need to sit down and program a script that talks to two different APIs (one for Binance and one for Gekko). On top of that keep the following limitations in mind:

- Usually Gekko strategies are optimized for a specific market, if you make one that works well on BTC/USDT I doubt it will also work well on BNB/MCO. So if you want to run Gekko strats on random markets you need to figure something out.
- The smaller the market (less volume), the harder it is to make money on it trading by using a tool like Gekko. That has to do with costs of trading (not just fees but slippage & spread). See this video for more info: https://youtu.be/r0yc1sonYvo
- Keep in mind that Gekko currently has limitations when running multiple Gekkos. It's NOT recommanded to run more than 1 live Gekko on the same account, but for binance you should probably be fine with a few. But running multiple bots on markets with an overlapping coin will NOT work, for example if you run a gekko over BTC/USDT and ETH/BTC you will face problems as this is not supported by Gekko.

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