Domain + SSL + NGINX vs. IP + NGINX
(11-01-2018, 07:25 AM)askmike Wrote: The risk of someone having access to your gekko:

- they can see your bots
- they can start/stop bots
- they can run many backtests that will basically DOS your server

If you use IP and password without SSL you can't use any public wifi since everyone can sniff the password in plain text. That is any wifi (even with a password) where you don't control all devices on it (cafe, restaurant, friends place, etc). Even if you are on your own wifi the password is going in plain text over the internet so anyone in the network (your isp, your vpn, etc) can sniff the password and access the gekko.

Another solution instead of nginx (with password) would be SSH tunneling, I think there are some guides for how to do this with Gekko if you search around!

Big thanks...

I managed to run a gekko bot on my DigitalOcean server incl. SSL / Nginx.

Unfortunately, I have a few more questions, because I am relatively fresh immersed in the server world.

Everything runs on a Linux Ubuntu 18.04 server at DigitalOcean.

There is a root access and 2 more users. User_A and User_B.

On User_A the SSL access runs with and the Nginx base auth. Everything works great.

I would like to let several different bots run.

I imagined it something like this:

The Bot of User_A can be reached at or

The Bot of User_B can be reached at or

And so on. Of course every user should have his own Ngnix login.

What needs to be done for this? I am very grateful for every tip.

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