Added new Strategy RSI_EMACrossover
I agree that the crossover times can miss some opportunities ... especially when running at 15 minutes intervals ...

What I am seeing so far is that it is successfully getting in and out at points that I would be "OK" with.
And it is much better to sleep at night knowing I am minimizing exposure.

I am also contemplating to tighten it up a little bit by changing the EMA-50 to an EMA-10 and then also evaluate the RSI on the exit side ...
EMA-3 lower than EMA-10 would be a pretty quick hairpin exit ... but if the RSI was still in the 50's I might consider staying in for another round.

The EMA-10 being so close to the EMA-3 would "almost" function as a trailing stop-loss, even though it's not the ideal solution as pointed out in another post ...

A true trailing stop-loss would be much better and the code should stay out until the rising conditions triggered another buy signal.

I am planning to write a new version later to include the parameter adjustments we discussed earlier and then to backtest a couple configurations of EMA-3 and EMA-10 respectively.

Thanks again !

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