Added new Strategy RSI_EMACrossover
(07-12-2018, 12:26 PM)TCMabe Wrote:
I am on my iPad so this is brutal ... haha ... Great suggestion.

I should have also used a different variable name for the RSI because it’s period value is adjustable. I will modify it when I am back on a computer later.

In the meantime, this should achieve what you are looking for.

In Toml file add:
# rsiHigh
rsiHigh = 60

# rsiLow
rsiLow = 40

In JS file change:

if((shortResult - longResult) >= && rsi9Result >= 60) {

if((shortResult - longResult) >= && rsi9Result >=  this.settings.rsiHigh) {

I hope this helps ! Thanks for the feedback !

TC Mabe

Thank you i will try and make the adjustments later today.

I'm keen to see how this works in papertrading, my only concern is with RSI and EMA you can miss profits at the peak as the start waits form the lines to cross to sell, do you think a trailing stop loss would work with your strat?

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