Added new Strategy RSI_EMACrossover
(07-12-2018, 05:40 AM)TCMabe Wrote: I am new to GitHub, JavaScript, Bot Trading and this forum.

I appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into this effort and this is my first attempt at a give-back.

I have modified an EMA crossover strategy to incorporate an RSI indicator and it is currently functional and working as designed.

The strategy uses an EMA 3 period and EMA 50 period in conjunction with an RSI 9 period.
If the EMA-3 is above the EMA-50 and the RSI-9 is 60 or higher then we enter a long position (Buy).
If the EMA-50 is above the EMA-3 then we enter a short position (Sell).
I have been live trading it against XRP-USDT on Binance with 15 minute intervals.
It is functioning as designed and holding fairly steady in a sideways market.
I am looking for suggestions on how best to share … hopefully this fairly simple tweak of an existing strategy helps someone as new as me …

Thanks !

TC Mabe

Nice, i was looking for something like this as i have gotten caught up in complex strategies but want to go back to simple indicators etc. Thank you for the share i will do some testing and feedback.  One suggestion i would have (not sure how hard it is to do) is to have the rsi high and low as adjustable parameters in the toml file. Just a suggestion to give flexibility.

thanks again.

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