Complete Gekko's datasets - ready files to download and use
(04-06-2018, 08:33 PM)tommiehansen Wrote: Great,

You could use my CLI-tools (or copy them) to upload and users could use the download part of it to easily download the data (and then simply update this via git pull and thus very easily pull your last data by just doing git pull & .

One of the benefits is that it's creates a single tar.gz archive and automatically uploads this to + updates a simple txt-file with link to latest upload. The limit on is 10 GB/file but the compressed files usually take up 30-40% of the original so should be good for at least 20 GB of data (if not one could easily split this to multiple archives).

1. $ git clone
2. Goto dir cli within the gekko_tools folder
3. copy-paste the config file;
$ cp
4. edit the file and set your Gekko directory if it differs (it defaults to being two levels under the cli directory so ../../gekko/)
5. run
$ .

Can you explain me how it works? From where I have to upload the tar.gz?

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