[Share][Plugin] Google Sheets Plugin - write all trades to a google sheet
Good news and bad news...

Good News:
I have put a new version of this up on the github. This has a far simpler setup process and has added some new metrics:
> P/L in fiat at the time of trade using crypto compare API (for tax calcs if you're unlucky and need to do CG per trade)
> Time taken to fill order. (Time from advice given to trade completed)
> Exposure time of trade.

Bad News:
I pulled the latest gekko and it's no longer emitting the trade event for my. xFFFFF's fix above doesn't appear to have worked either. This makes it quite difficult to properly test the new plugin - it works with paper trading, but as ever if there are bugs let me know/raise an issue on github etc.

Anyone found a different fix for the trade event? I'm about to go hunting through code...

Edit: Fixed, I'd not patched both files! The fix works Smile

As an aside, to verify that it was the trade event, not my plugin that was causing the issue I modified the pushbullet plugin to send a message on trade as well as on advice. It gives the trade price, slippage and time to fill. If anyone's interested: https://github.com/RJPGriffin/gekko/blob...hbullet.js

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