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I've been running CLI bots for a while and got fed up of manually entering all the trade data into a spreadsheet to track it - so I wrote a plugin to do it for me. I know I'm not the only person who was looking for an easier way to track trades... I hope (and suspect) that mikes next big gekko update will remove the need for this, but until then it should do the trick.

It enters data to a google sheet via a POST request to a google form. There is a bit of setup involved, all described in the github readme... Let me know if you have any issues!

You set up one google form and google sheet for all your bots. The google script automatically creates a new sheet for each pair/exchange combination it receives trades from and keeps it updated with each trade. 

The output should looks something like this:
[Image: U2K3QPn.png]
(That strat had a good few days - it also had a large drawdown in the last weeks so it's not as good as it looks there!)

If you want to give it a shot: https://github.com/RJPGriffin/google-forms-gekko-plugin

The config object in your CLI config should look like this (but with your form and question ID's)
[Image: JLXzKRQ.png]

I posted a link to an earlier version in a thread yesterday - It's been updated since then, looks far prettier now!

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