[gekko 0.6] API change for running a backtest
But isn't this sort of the same as now?

    'data' => [
                'candleProps' => 0, // 0 = disable, else ['close','start']
                'indicatorResults' => 0, // 0 or 1 (does nothing?)
                'report' => 1,
                'roundtrips' => 1, // set to 1 to get all roundtrips
                'trader' => 0, // does nothing?

I don't really see the difference except that we got a new array with some new keys?
As it is now 'we' simply post data to the my-server.com:3000/api/ with a gekkoConfig object, what do you mean will change from a more pratical standpoint except there being new keys that want new values?

Would it be possible for you to post a JSON sample of the new configuration object?

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