[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
(11-01-2018, 08:46 PM)Nigry Wrote:
(10-30-2018, 09:14 PM)Nigry Wrote: I have been working for several hours now ...

ok, after other hours of study (as written elsewhere, I'm not a programmer), I solved.

In "conf.php" I replaced the first line: $ dirRoot = dirname (__ FILE__);
with: $ dirRoot = 'C:/Apache24/htdocs/gab/';

then in "php.ini", I uncommented "extension = curl"

now GAB works perfectly, Wink

ps: Thanks to TommieHansen for the great works!

Oh.. The problem was (and still is) that you're actually trying to run it under Windows. What you're describing is a typhical problem with apache/php running on Windows.

You could have followed this guide:

And then simply could have installed php+apache (or nginx) using any simple guide such as this one: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/setup-a-...93ff28ae83

That would have saved you a bit of an headache and it is usually better to run stuff ... more "native" so to speak. Smile

Do also note that conf.php is not a user configuration file so it might be overwritten in the future updates.
Also note that GAB probably isn't working with Gekko 0.6x+ either though, simply haven't had time to update stuff.

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