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(04-20-2018, 02:33 AM)Ualas Wrote: Sorry, forgot to mention when I've switched from SQLlite to MySQL the oldMySQL error dissapeared. Currently I do have the MySQL version warning message but the system works properly.

I maybe found a bug: all my Runs Last Change are 1982-02-08 01:00.

Can you help me with a question? Do we have different warmups periods when we backtest and when we are live (the length is the same but the market is different) ? Since the strategy is "calibrated" at the warmup period, not only the market trades (present and future) should be our concerns, but the warmup period too (past).

1982-02-08 is not a bug, it's my birthday. It's a fake value since with the older MySQL cannot lookup the InnoDB-tables since they do not exist under older versions. Hence the query for that data fails in the 'View' of GAB and it instead tries to query the db using an alternate query.

But this query cannot return the so called 'last_update' for each database so hence there is a fake value set. 1982-02-08 was set strictly for fun and since it's obvious that it's a date that is wrong. The error message could be clearer though and notify of that thing.

However the fake value is only visible if you also see the error message. It makes no sense that you would not see the error message and at the same time see the 1982-02-08 dates since these two are under the same condition. So in order to see 1982-xx without seeing the error message you would have to hack the code or have some version of GAB that is very outdated by now where such a thing was possible.

Warmup periods etc are about Gekko and not about GAB, please use any of the other threads (or create a new thread) for such questinons, else this thread would be filled with Gekko-specific questions which would become slighly off-topic.

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