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(04-19-2018, 06:10 PM)simpsus Wrote: I want to filter the best results a little. For example, 2/3 of the top results are with candle size 70 minutes and 1/3 significantly lower, so I want to create an average that only takes the 70 minutes into account. Or I want to blacklist a few strategies with very little (or far too many) trades.
I downloaded the results db file and looked at it in a database browser. all cool, but the strategies in the results table are a blob.
Is there any way to get the strat information off the db?
I had a look at the view.php and class.gab.php but could not pinpoint where this is done.
Thanks for any hint on this!

Yes, it's a db and the blobs are gzipped (try running 10 000 runs for 2+ years of data and check the db size) and thus not that easily readable through ordinary db management software.

You could however use the db as is and then write a script that does everything you're talking about. It's a simple db, it doesn't care how you use it or from where. :-)

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