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(04-19-2018, 09:24 PM)Ualas Wrote: Tommiehansen,

I've just upgraded, run the Compatibility Fix, and the SanityCheck is okay but I'm getting this error at view.php

Notice: Undefined variable: oldMySQL in /var/www/html/gab/view.php on line 145

I've switched to MySQL but now I have the warning:
Warning! You are using an old version of MySQL, please upgrade to 5.6+ that came out in 2013...

But my MySQL version is  5.7.21

That error message is obviously a bit 50/50. You're hitting the $oldMySQL because the first query to the MySQL db did not work which is usually the case for older db's and then it seems to error out. This most likely because your MySQL db cannot be connected to or there is some error with it.

Do you even got any runs to view?

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