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Thanks Tommie! When I ran in DEBUG mode, I saw the parameters changed according to the configurations. I did not see the error reported in the debug mode, but did not see the test result after the test stopped running.

I got the same error when I ran your RSI BULL/BEAR ADX strategy. I saw the same error even when I did not setup any dynamic parameters for the test

Another question: Does 'Completed" in the log  below show the number of completed test runs with different configurations?

  STATUS Running with 1 threads  COMPLETED 0  DURATION 0h 0m 0s

If I don't set any dynamic parameter for my test, would I expect to see 1 test completed?


Yes, i've sent you a PM.
Yes, Completed = total runs completed.
No, if you don't set any parameters it will count all the way up to 100 since a 'run' is considered a finished POST request and if you have no dynamic parameters you will basically get 1 *REAL* run + 100 "have already ran this, so exiting...". Those 100 are still runs that get executed though so they are still considered 'runs' even though they hold little value. 100 is the current max "have already ran this...." messages before GAB auto-stops everything (this is a security measure to not let GAB run forever if something unexpected happens on the server etc).

This is sort of a non-problem when running for real though.

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