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(04-06-2018, 03:20 AM)Ualas Wrote: The Average Strategy - Settings is just an average of the top 10 settings, right? If we backtest it does not correspond to the profit mentioned at Average Strategy - Meta (That probably is an average of the top 10 profits). So, whats is the method to not have an overfitted strategy?

Does this Profit calculation already contemplates the Market Performance? Profit = GrossProfit + MarketPerformance or Profit = GrossProfit?

as far as i understand no. the profit of the results is without market performance. this is Alpha. profit-market.
only in the runlog it shows profit-market.


thx for the new update. now everything works just perfect. there where just a few bugs though that came up for me.

1. the average parameters don't show 1000s characters when the number goes into the 1000s
2. the sorting in the Top runs is screwed up sometimes. that happened to me with all different columns sometimes. it also seems to be something with special characters or 1000s numbers.
(see pix)

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