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(04-01-2018, 03:28 PM)PapoKarlo Wrote: how to run it in one thread? i run it on VPS and after 20 min i have a lot of /usr/bin/node /var/gekko/core/workers/pipeline/child  process
and my vps going down with Load average: 11.77 11.05 9.25

output look like this

. [ Exec: 1m 1s / Duration: 0h 2m / Total runs: 4 ]
. [ Exec: 1m 0s / Duration: 0h 3m / Total runs: 5 ]
. [ Exec: 1m 1s / Duration: 0h 4m / Total runs: 6 ]
. [ Exec: 1m 1s / Duration: 0h 5m / Total runs: 7 ]
. [ Exec: 1m 1s / Duration: 0h 6m / Total runs: 8 ]
. [ Exec: 1m 1s / Duration: 0h 7m / Total runs: 9 ]
. [ Exec: 1m 1s / Duration: 0h 8m / Total runs: 10 ]
. [ Exec: 1m 1s / Duration: 0h 9m / Total runs: 11 ]

1. Default for the CLI-mode is 1 thread only so if you're not doing anything it is running with 1 thread.
2. You weren't running it for 20 minutes as your output clearly say ...
3. What you're seeing is NULL output meaning some cURL action timed out. Default timeout for PHP execution is actually around 1 minute (60s) which in your case could be interesting. Check your timeouts, GAB will try to set the default to 900 (15 minutes) but if that for some reason does not work you'll begin to have a lot of threads not quitting properly etc. Do also note that Gekko UI, which the Gekko API uses, has a default timeout that is quite low so if you haven't done it yet you would need to edit gekko/web/vue/UIconfig.js. A too low setting there could also start giving NULL results for GAB since a strategy could break the max execution time set there and thus return NULL results to GAB.

You could also run sanitycheck.php @ your-host.com/gab/sanitycheck.php to see if the tests that is ran complains about something.

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