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(03-28-2018, 09:02 PM)0mathew0 Wrote: one question: are papertrading settings (e.g. fees) considered anywhere? If not - do you plan to have it on the roadmap sometime?

EDIT: One thing i've noticed though is that the runs dont really care about my range.

e.g. exampleValue1 = 0.8:1.2,0.1

returns runs with values out of that range too ?!

BR, Mathias

PS: I decided to go with an Ubuntu Virtualbox for GAB in the end.. it makes things so much easier and I didn't have any errors yet.

No, the fees used are Gekko's default meaning it is considered but can't be changed by the user (easily).
The fees are quite fine, no need to inflate the numbers with optimal fees from absolute cheapest exchange there is.

If you want to check the output use the new DEBUG button found in the UI before starting a run:

[Image: EMLS0Iu.png]

It's basically made to debug such things your talking about.

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