[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
Hi tommiehansen, I've the same problem as donkykong017.
The UI of the tool is gone since the last update.
However the Tool isn't functional at all on my Setup.
I've installed gab on /var/www/gab/ but when creating a run, the tool want' to redirect to (without slash between the IP and gab) so the tool isn't functional on my setup.

I'll try to look deeper into it, but my programming isn't the best Wink

EDIT: Seems, that the links are build false, I've attached a picture with links, for system for example, there is no slash.

2nd_EDIT: Solution is changing 

$conf['urls'] = [

                'system' => $base_url . 'system/',
                'results' => $base_url . 'results/',
                'assets' => $base_url . 'assets/',

in system/conf.php  to

$conf['urls'] = [

                'system' => $base_url . '/system/',
                'results' => $base_url . '/results/',
                'assets' => $base_url . '/assets/',

Kind Regards and thank you for your tool

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